Sabrala Starbreaker

Female Half-elven Bard


9th level bard; C/N

Str 9, Dex 16, Con 9, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 17

HP: 32

Languages: Common, Cold Tongue, Elven, Flan

Weapon Prof: broadsword, dagger, short sword, short bow

Non-Weapon Prof: artistic ability, disguise, musical instrument – northern pipes, read/write, singing

Possessions: broadsword 1/2 vs magic-using and enchanted creatures; cloak of protection +2, (non-magical) leather armor; boots of levitation; broach of shielding (61 hp remaining)

Spellbook: 1st level: change self, charm person, comprehend languages, detect magic, light, magic missile, read magic, shield; 2nd level: detect invisibility, ESP, glitterdust, improved phantasmal force, invisibility, knock, web; 3rd level: dispel magic, fireball, fly, hold person, protection from evil 10’ radius


No one can remember when Sabrala came from the lands of the Ice Barbarians, or how a slip of a girl with an elven father ever got born there. But the wild-eyed young bard with the heart-breaking voice brought her stories and visions to the Frost Barbarians and they took her to their hearts. Her pipe rendering of the forlorn Flowers of the Forests has brought tears to the eyes of barbarians long hardened by battle and death, and she has played and sung several times for the King himself.

Sabrala becomes almost possessed when she sings, recites, or plays the music dearest to her. She almost seams to become figures in the legends, to assume their mantles and sorrows, and her performance is breathtaking. The more powerful the legend, the deeper Sabrala becomes immersed in it and the more inspired she becomes.

Sabrala’s taken name, Stasrbreaker, comes from an old Fruztii expression relating to the exhalation of breath in bitterly cold air. The breath frosts at once and tiny snowflakes fall to the ground appearing like the breaking of stars. The King once compared Sabrala’s ballad voice to the gentleness of breath falling to the ground, and in honor of this compliment she adopted the name she now carries.

Sabrala travels as she will through the world, free-spirited and dreaming, wishing only to learn more of legend, song, magic, and timelessness. Other-worldly and strange, she is nonetheless not gullible or foolish. When it is necessary, a bard must sing for her supper and Sabrala knows how to use her charms and wit.

Sabrala Starbreaker

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