Helden Stormfist

Male Human Fighter


8th level fighter; N

Str 17, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 16

HP: 58

Languages: Common, Cold Tongue

Weapon Prof: bastard sword, composite longbow, longsword, spear, two-handed sword (specialized)

Non-Weapon Prof: animal lore, blind-fighting, hunting, running, survival – cold climates

Possessions: two-handed sword +1; longsword flametongue; chain mail +2; quiver of 14 flight arrows +1; ring of free action


Helden is a strong, capable barbarian who is used to leadership of any group. Much smarter than the average barbarian warrior, Helden is also cool-tempered and somewhat inclined to caution. He tends to be thoughtful and patient, less impulsive than many of his warrior brothers.

Helden is the eldest son of a minor Fruztii chieftain and feels both that leadership is natural for him, and that he must continually prove he is worthy of it. He has fought with the men of Ratik against the humanoids of the Bone March; Helden’s magical sword was taken from the hands of a monstrous ogre chieftain.

Helden’s major goal at this time is to undertake some great adventure, obtain some powerful magic, or battle and overcome some great monster. In short, he wishes to perform one great heroic deed to establish his reputation, once and for all, as a worthy first son and to make himself finally feel that he is a fit ruler and leader.

*Note: One of the challenges of running Helden is that he is the group’s leader. This must be kept in mind by whoever runs him.

Helden Stormfist

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