Baern Barraeth

Male Human Fighter


7th level fighter; C/N

Str 18/56, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 11

HP: 62

Languages: Common, Cold Tongue

Weapon Prof: bastard sword (specialized), battle axe, club, longbow, longsword, spear, two-handed sword

Non-Weapon Prof: animal handling, endurance, hunting, mountaineering, running

Possessions: bastard sword +1, +3 vs regenerating creatures; chain mail +1; shield +1; longbow +1; potion of extra-healing


Baern is a hardy man – tough even by barbarian standards. He is a skilled mountaineer and is used to cold days and nights hunting and fighting in the mountains to the north of his homeland. He has fought against the men of Stonefist for several years and has a grudging respect for their toughness as opponents.

Baern is the only son of a father crippled by the claws of a mountain bear. He has a strange ambivalence toward authority and authority figures as a result of seeing his father so weakened. On the other hand, he is sometimes very subservient to such figures and acts almost meekly toward them. Other times, he is fiercely independent and stubborn and may oppose the word of authority simply because it is the word of authority.

Baern often keeps his own counsel and may act independently, but if he gives his word on a planned course of action he’ll stick with it. He is also loyal to his fellows and would never abandon a friend to danger. He is distrustful of spellcasters, because he has a morbid fear that they may somehow read or control his mind.

Baern Barraeth

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